While the following elections of presidents have always had some presidential debates, all of them have done studying of some of the best ones in history. Many presidential candidates would base their platforms and strategies from historical debates of old presidents of different countries and of course they will choose the ones who won.

One of those famous ones was of 1960 where it was between US Senator John F. Kennedy which was the Democratic nominee against the Vice President Richard Nixon who was the Republican nominee. They were debating in Chicago at the studios CBS’ WBBM-TV. This debate was based more on ideologies. There was also another famous historical presidential debate which was between Democratic candidate Governor Jimmy Carter of Georgia against the Republican candidate who was President Gerald Ford. This was held of September 23, 1976 on television and before studio audiences. There also another presidential debate and this time in 1980. It was President Cart against his opponent who was Governor Ronald Reagan of California. Reagan had fared better due to his years of experience in front of a camera and knew some tricks on how to deal with the audiences.

For many years President Ronald Reagan lived near beverly hills actually bel air. It’s been semi-secret news that many celebrities,  movie stars and political figures like senetors get “work done”. Plastic surgery is on the rise with sentors and other persidential figures. One surgeon practicing in beverly hills once told me that no matter what they many think , 100’s of politicans and state representitives get facelifts and costmetic look enhancement. They are always under pressure to look good for the cameras especially with televised debates.

These presidential debates have become good inspirations for many presidential candidates all over the world and have given them many ideas for many different methods to win over presidential debates. These has also given some good lessons for political lessons since these debates are chuck full of knowledge that these candidates have researched a lot.

In a bid for presidency, it is the duty of a presidential candidate to do everything in their power to give everything they have got to win the candidacy. They would have to do any kind of propaganda they could think of but within the limits of the laws of course. They would have to go around some cities, talk to people, discuss their platform and many more. In the end though it will always boil down to the last stage of the presidential race which is the most important part of the candidacy and that would be the presidential debates.

Presidential debates are absolutely one of the most important parts of the candidacy for president because of several factors. The first one is when you do presidential debates it is your chance to defend your platform from your opponent. You can finally tell the world what makes it better from your opponents. Another point is that it is a chance for you to learn what your opponent’s real goal for presidency and you could likely counter it with your own ideas. It is a good was to strategize which factors of your own platform can be do far better than his. Some presidential candidates do this kind of strategy so they can outsmart their opponents with ease.

Presidential debates are all healthy discussions anyway and it is one way of learning some good ideas with each other. In the end all you have to do is do better from the rest when you win the elections.

In a bid for presidency, it is the duty of a presidential candidate to do everything in their power to give everything they have got to win the candidacy. They would have to do any kind of propaganda they could think of but within the limits of the laws of course. They would have to go around some cities, talk to people, discuss their platform and many more. In the end though it will always boil down to the last stage of the presidential race which is the most important part of the candidacy and that would be the presidential debates.

Presidential debates are absolutely one of the most important parts of the candidacy for president because of several factors. The first one is when you do presidential debates it is your chance to defend your platform from your opponent. You can finally tell the world what makes it better from your opponents. Another point is that it is a chance for you to learn what your opponent’s real goal for presidency and you could likely counter it with your own ideas. It is a good was to strategize which factors of your own platform can be do far better than his. Some presidential candidates do this kind of strategy so they can outsmart their opponents with ease.

Presidential debates are all healthy discussions anyway and it is one way of learning some good ideas with each other. In the end all you have to do is do better from the rest when you win the elections.

Presidential debates are all over the news when it is at the peak of Election Day. The presidents are all revved up with their own statements, counter answers, questions and many more to back up their candidacy. A presidential candidate would want to impress a lot of people with their own standing on how they will handle the government. With these presidential debates, they can appeal to the public of their own thoughts and will therefore gain support from them. The only problem is how we can distinguish which is the best one from the rest.

The first thing you need to do is to listen well. You must learn all of the details that candidate is going to be saying on that podium. Learn all of their objectives and anything that they would say because you would really need that information. That information can be very helpful when you are going to choose the best among the rest. A president should never be underestimated and you would not want to regret your decision for voting for that person.

Another thing is it is a way of learning things about politics. You can learn all the things you need to know and you can watch these lessons in action with the presidential candidates who have mastered such courses. If you are a political science student then this would be a gold mine to you. All of that knowledge just poured into a debate is like a fountain of knowledge.

There is a never ending debate regarding the government’s healthcare program these days. Many are against this healthcare program while there are also many who are for the program. There are people questioning the single payment plan where people pay into a fund managed by a government agency who will be responsible for payments for insurance claims and treatments. The present health care system calls for people to pay monthly payments for their insurance to insurance companies who pay directly the claims for treatments. There are many who are against this single payment because of claims that they may not be able to get the proper treatments when government does this service. They also claim that they may pay higher taxes with this procedure because they will be paying for all who do not have insurance protection of their own. For private insurance companies to handle the healthcare services; this is still the best way because better services can be expected, this despite insurance premiums to increase.

People who are for this healthcare system say that this is the best way for more people to have insurance coverage, particularly those who do not actually have insurance. This and other issues will lead to a debate that will probably have no ending because there are people who are against and also more people who are for this healthcare program. There are many who are in favor of this because people who presently do not have jobs and consequently have no insurance coverage can still benefit from the healthcare program of the government.

Washington Post reports on how Ann Romney debate shows importance of female voters in 2012 election.

The desire to get the female vote had  members of the presidential campaign trail mentioning women’s issues left and right, including the topic of stay-at-home moms. Ann Romney herself was recently interviewed on Fox News, which touched on the subject of her considering raising five sons and taking care of her husband “a full-time job”. In the interview, she said:

“My career choice was to be a mother. Other women make other choices. We have to respect women in all the choices they make.”

Her sentiments sparked many other debates in social media and television and radio talk shows, thanks to a recent comment about how Ann Romney is in no position to talk about economic struggle (being a stay-at-home mom). However, this issue has also served to unite both parties, albeit briefly, about the difficulty of raising a family. To quote White House press secretary Jay Carney:

“We can all agree, Democrats and Republicans, that raising children is an extremely difficult job, and that is true for all mothers as well as fathers.”

Mom with kids, Jogging with the kidsMom with kids, Jogging with the kids—Ed Yourdon (Flickr.com)




One thing is clear about the remaks about and by Ann Romney, as well as the other women members of the presidential campaign trail: women are clearly important in this election, and in past and future ones, as well.


This season of presidential debates, we are likely to be impressed by things we hear and see in different forms of media, or be totally unimpressed (or even irked) by them. Some even become fodder for stand-up comedians and internet memes.

Let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable presidential debates in history to be educated, entertained, enlightened, and even amused.

The clip above features Senator John F. Kennedy (D-MA) and Vice President Richard Nixon (R-CA) on September 26, 1960. A very interesting observation was made while this debate went on, and it had a lot to do with how the candidates “appeared” on TV versus how they “sounded” on radio. According to the YouTube caption:

It was the first presidential debate between candidates from opposing political parties as well as the first one to be televised. It is best known not by its subject matter, but by the preparedness and physical appearance of both candidates. Television audiences thought Kennedy won the debate by a landslide, while radio audiences thought Nixon won it by a landslide. Nixon appeared emaciated, unhealthy, and awkward, while Kennedy appeared handsome, tanned and confident. Nixon was recovering from an injured knee that resulted in a recent hospital stay. He had just arrived at the studio after a strenuous campaign in which he made appearances in all 50 states, including newly admitted Alaska and Hawaii. He refused to have makeup applied to his face, and had not shaved, making his stubble clearly visible to television viewers. Kennedy on the other hand, took time to rest before the debates and his suit contrasted well against the background. In effect, Nixon’s gray suit seemed to blend in with the background, especially on the era’s black and white television screens.

Meanwhile, in 1980, presidential candidates Reagan and Carter held their own debate, and this time around, the words took center stage (it may also have helped that it was filmed in color so there was no fear of fading into the grey background):

And then there was the McCain-Obama debate which was punctuated with acerbic wit coated in humor. Economics and global affairs were discussed during this first presidential debate round.


Whether it is for school council president or the president of the nation, those who come out the most successful in debates are often expected to get the vote. There are a number of things one should bear in mind when preparing to go on a debate with a fellow candidate, and they are as important as preparing a great speech. This holds true not only for presidential debates, but for all kinds requiring an audience closely observing the proceedings and watching out for potential pitfalls and winning moments.

Be confident. Nervousness is never an expected trait of an aspiring leader. Self-confidence is. This is not to be mistaken for cockiness, as arrogance can grate at people even if it’s well-founded. One of the best ways to have self-confidence is to practice reciting your speech beforehand using a mirror. You can use cue cards as reference, but do not read the speech like someone made it for you and it’s the first time you’re reading it. Look to the audience or at the camera when you talk, only occasionally glancing at your notes to keep your thoughts organized. Keep your tone calm and confident, and your words sure and succinct. Avoid gestures denoting anxiety such as too much hand waving and blinking.

Do not resort to sarcasm.

Sarcasm, Interesting AdSarcasm, Interesting Ad—eliazar (Flickr.com)

It does not matter if it is in the form of a joke, a smirk when your opponent is talking, or a rolling of the eyes… it definitely has no place in a presidential debate. They say sarcasm is the knee-jerk self-defense mechanism of the insecure, and in a presidential debate, this is all too apparent. People will likely take note of you as someone who looks down on other people’s opinions, and not the witty, intelligent, and confident person you might be attempting to come across as.

Come across as compassionate. A compassionate leader is definitely someone who will get the vote. In fact, you can make compassion your campaign’s mantra, and chances are, people will respond well to positively. Being compassionate makes you very human and involved. You can start your speech by mentioning unfortunate events which your voters are involved in, and express the intention of wanting to be part of the solution to overcoming this misfortune.

Don’t give your opponent too much credit.Some presidential candidates think that by flattering the ego of their opponent, they would come across to the audience as friendly and amiable. While a polite “good day” or other salutation would do at the opening of the debate, don’t go as far as praising your opponent’s achievements or hinting that he is someone more than just a decent person. Debates exist to give you the opportunity to present to the people what you can do to improve their lives. It is the perfect platform for you to offer your services as a leader, not to expose your opponent’s credentials.


Sarcasm, i\'m not sarcastic at all
Sarcasm, i’m not sarcastic at all—ianloic (Flickr.com)

In a past blog post, we mentioned the ways to win a presidential debate, based on historical ones that have been successful. Today, we place special emphasis on the five things you must avoid if you are to engage in a debate, whether as a presidentiable or not. But hey, it always helps to assume the attitude of a president even if the position you are aiming for is more humble. So, on to the list.

Do not be sarcastic. We already mentioned this in the previous blog post, but it cannot be emphasized enough. Many think sarcasm is a form of wit, but really, it just rubs people the wrong way and doesn’t say anything positive about you. If you are running for office, will sarcasm address pressing issues like poverty, health care, education, etc? So steer clear and focus on issues that need debating, and keep the sarcasm in any form, including the tone of your voice and your facial expression, away from them.

 Do not get personal. Even if your opponent has a background teeming with scandals, problems, and controversies, avoid getting into it during a debate (or even as a campaign tactic). Personal attacks will do more harm to the one attacking than to the one being attacked in the long run. During a debate, always take the high ground but to do not take the bait. Steer the discussion back to the topic and say something like “Maligning people will not do anything to resolve this issue, so we had better stick to it.” It will show your audience how serious you are about dealing with issues, and show up your opponent as a bully and a sneaky debater.

Do not get distracted by sub-topics. Debates often list down the major issues the participants will tackle. Some resort to introducing sub-topics that may seem to have something to do with these issues, but only really serve the purpose of distracting you and making your arguments weak and ineffective. Stay alert for these tactics and always steer the discussion back to the main ones.

Do not overlook potential win-win situations. Too often, adversaries in a debate get locked in the notion that the other’s opinion often contradicts their own. This is not true at all times. In fact, it would be good to look out for suggestions by the other team that complement and strengthen your own campaign, and be quick to point that out. This way, people can start to see you as a reasonable candidate who is not arrogant, but is willing to listen to what others have to say for the greater good. Which brings us to…

Do not forget to listen to what the other has to say. Unfortunately, debates have been relegated to one-upmanship, even by the most powerful and well-educated people. What debates should be are informative, educational, and enlightening. While they are powerful platforms for getting the vote, a good participant in a debate must learn to listen very carefully to what the other has to say; not to pick out possible things to parry and argue against, but to really know where they are coming from.


Obama marriage equality, P1010029 JPG
Obama marriage equality, P1010029 JPG—doug the trail builder (Flickr.com)

The latest breaking news in the LGBT community is met with plenty of cheering and celebration, despite the fact that it came from a time of campaigning and amid speculations of high-stakes intervention prior to the presidential debates. Many would say that campaign trails are hot beds of sweeping and glorious statements meant to sway people into voting for the candidates.

At this point, does it matter? The LGBT community, as a whole, would gladly take the spoils of a presidential campaign if it means an acknowledgment from the highest post of the land that he is in favor of same-sex unions.

In his own words, Obama “evolved” from merely being open to same-sex marriage, to firmly backing it and acknowledging, in his own words, during an interview with ABC:

“I’ve just concluded, for me, personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.”


Previously, he expressed the need for the rights of gay and lesbian couples to be protected. But touchingly enough, it was his own daughters Malia and Sasha who made him affirm his stand, after learning that they had friends who had same-sex parents.

“It wouldn’t dawn on them that somehow their friends’ parents would be treated differently. It doesn’t make sense to them and frankly, that’s the kind of thing that prompts a change in perspective.”

Of course, during the presidential debates, more aspects of marriage equality will likely be brought up and thoroughly debated on. Obama would be expected to sustain and maintain his stand with the kind of information that will make others see why it needs support. Sensitive issues like how over seventy nations still criminalize LGBT lifestyles, and how marriage is still banned, would be cast in the spotlight in a bid to win people’s votes. Even everyday forms of discrimination that somehow slip into mainstream attitude towards LGBT people in general: being banned from using the bathrooms they want to use, not being allowed access to restaurants and clubs because “cross dressing is forbidden”, not being able to attend prom because their date is of the same sex, etc… these things must also be discussed.

And yes, media will definitely be poised to attack.

But then history was never without these things, and the courage to finally stop hemming and hawing and stand up at long last for what you truly believe in can spark the kind of change that will benefit many people.


presidential debates

For our dear future we are left to only two choices for a party and each party has its own chosen representative. The representative we will choose will lead us right into or out of it in the following years to come. Try to bring yourself back in time. For the Republican Party, we have the old POW John McCain who has been a senator for the past 26 years and he opted to choose the younger Sarah Palin as his running mate who has been governor in the state of Alaska. For the Democratic Party, there’s Barack Obama the young US Senator from Illinois and his runningmate the veteran Joe Biden.

There are a lot of things that can be easily noticed in presidential debates and most often the real issues are overlooked in place for some funny remarks or the number of times the speaker has been applauded. Like in the past presidential debate, Obama was seen as very articulate and charming and also very charismatic. It showed in the debate that Obama is more into the grass roots people than McCain. There are those who are viciously frank in their reactions to the Sarah Palin trying to compare her to Hillary Clinton who is perceived as intelligent and smart and knows what she’s doing. It was said that Sarah seemed to have an incomplete platform in her debate. This made her a weak contender to Joe Biden.

There are some things you have to know about presidential debates. Sometimes people tend to overanalyze the speeches of the presidential candidates. This is particularly true for candidates who are fond of giving too vague opinions. That’s why it is always a requirement to be straight to the point when you give your speech. Lay out all your plans and what you want to do for your program to succeed. For instance when McCain stated that he is not President Bush and if anybody wants to run against him should have done so years ago. It’s his way of saying that if he had run years ago then he would have breezed through in the current campaign. This appears to provide a negative connotation for Bush.

Obama on the other hand has an edge on McCain who has to carry the burden of Bush’s dismal record when it comes to the economic policies. The economic policy stated by Obama however failed to impress many since he appears to have the upper hand in all of them. His constant reference to McCain being Bush’s extension also seemed to have an effect on the way people perceive McCain’s economic policies. What took place in Wall Street scared the public and McCain appeared to have done nothing to appease the people with that fear if not dread.

This was why the media outfits right away declared Obama as the winner in the debate and the most probable winner in the elections. That’s what makes presidential debates exciting though not really reliable when it comes to policies and legislations to expect.

Get fascinated with this video here about Obama and McCain’s presidential debate:

The reason why people look into these presidential debates as significant can come in several forms. Although looking at it on a general point of view, only one thing needs to be addressed by any citizen and that is “is it still important or not?” Through the years and through changes in presidents the population has shared all sorts of feelings and experiences. Some may be of gladness, relief and hope while others may be that of disappointment, frustration and apathy. Through it all one true thing remains – we need a president to lead the country, whether his score in the presidential debate is high or low.

presidential debates

So why should presidential debates count? Can it help us or not? How should we regard such debates? Do we remain passive and apathetic about it or should we use this to gauge our future and life? All of these things need appropriate address and one way to do this is to answer the first question raised through identifying what presidential debates are for. Here are some of them:

• Helps in knowing the candidates – A candidate can look great on the outside but can be rather “empty” inside and that is what you can find out when listening to them speak before a debate. What we hear or see from the media may either be hyped up or may fall short of the details to help us get to know a candidate. By listening to these presidential debates you will be able to know a part of the candidate which is not as evident to you before.

• Creates better understanding of their individual principles and platforms – A candidate’s principles, beliefs and his platform for government is highly significant because it will be your measure whether it is also what you stand for or what you expect to be delivered should he or she win in the presidential elections. These debates open the eyes of the voting public on how candidates are as an individual and a prospective leader.

• Raising the people’s awareness on several issues and the candidates’ stand – There can be several issues concerning the nation which maybe you are not as aware of. And after listening to presidential debates you are most likely to know what these are and at the same time hear what every candidate’s stand is on every issue. There are sites that deal with debates among presidential candidates and others.

Presidential debates are often in need of a good boost whether offline or online. That’s why there are a lot of web designers who are hired to help in presidential campaigns. If you want to know of one Los Angeles web designfirm who can show you more about this, you can check on the link provided here. You will see how the field of web design and creation has helped in politics and business. If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field, you can start learning from the experts.

• Provides proper guidelines for voters in making their choice – Any wise voter would consider knowing as much as they can about a prospective candidate. Given the fact that a president is going to lead the nation for a number of years and that his decisions shall affect your life in one way or another, you should ensure that you are deciding wisely as well. The things you will hear and learn about in the presidential debate should merit to your sound decision or vote.

With all these considerations, don’t you think that presidential debates should count indeed? After all if your life-changing vote could be positively affected by what you can learn from such debates, then it could be worth it.


Presidential debates are a big thing in the US political arena. A candidate’s chances of winning have a lot of bearing on how she/he handles the battle of brains, wit, charm and grasp of the most heated and controversial issues affecting American lives.

Four months before the November elections, America is already abuzz on the 2012 Presidential Debate scheduled on October 3, 11, 16, and 22 to be held in various schools chosen by the Commission on Presidential debates.

What makes it important then for Americans to take part in this activity? At this age and time when information is readily available on the net, television, and newspapers and radio, knowing a presidential candidate through these medium is I think enough for the voter to choose its candidate.

Presidential debates, Presidential DebatePresidential debates, Presidential Debate—NatalieMaynor (Flickr.com)

Why bother watching on national television politicians harping on their intelligence, know-it-all persona, and pronouncements of manna for the American people in the next three years? There are already enough promises made by past presidents and presidential candidates that in reality barely 50% were realized.

At times the debates center on how a politician manages to maneuver his or her opponent into making a parody of his viewpoint. But then again, this could just be part of the strategy in order to show the weakness of an opponent.

But despite such inadequacies involved in this exercise, it is actually of graver necessity to hold presidential debates for the benefit of the entire citizenry so they can make an informed and wise judgment in choosing the right candidate.

Presidential debates is a venue to hear the platforms of the presidential aspirant because it is a means for people to know if their future leader has genuine concern for their welfare, the country and even the rest of the world.

The political exercise will also test the candidate’s knowledge and grasp on vital issues that affect the lives of Americans. It is important for viewers and listeners to be reminded that the person speaking about health, budget, defense, employment, and so forth, will be the same person that will lead the country for the next three years. His/her life actually depends on how this person inside the you-tube will make a difference on their daily lives.

Studies have also indicated that the debates, which also include the vice-presidential debates, have great bearing in making a swing vote. By a swing vote, listeners and viewers who have not made a final decision yet on his/her choice will come up with their own choice after watching the debate.

The swing votes is where political analysts and candidates’ campaign managers are also closely watching as the number of swing votes could very well change earlier presumptions of victory.

Debates are venues in which participants are able to express their views, opinions, conclusions, and whatever they can speak of regarding the subject of the debate. It can be a battle of brains and wits, and people viewing these debates can have a quick view of who the participant is, how learned he is and how smart and witty he can handle a particular topic. Presidential debates are common in a democratic country, and not only is the US having this kind of debate but also other countries. During this time, a Presidential aspirant can show his charm to the citizenry and also his grasp of the issues commonly met by people.

During a Presidential debate, aspirants will be able to show his platform of government, and this will be the perfect time for people to know the kind of leader they want to lead them to prosperity, one who will show great concern for their welfare and for the country. Presidential debates are for the benefit of the entire people so that they can make a wise judgment in choosing the right man to become the head of the nation. For Americans, this will be the time for them to know their future leaders, for them to have a wise choice to vote for the candidate who shows genuine concern for the welfare of the citizenry.

For people who are not yet decided on the person to vote for, Presidential debates are big factors on their decisions. These are the swing votes that many politicians wish to get. Candidates who are very impressive in the debates are those most likely to get these swing votes. There may not be winners or losers in Presidential debates, but this will be the perfect time for the whole citizenry to know their candidates. Though the best speakers will have an edge in the debates held, the people can also learn things from the candidates and in addition to their past records and experiences, the citizenry can have a wiser decision.

Through these Presidential debates, the people will have an understanding of the stand of a particular candidate on a certain issue. This can be a good guideline for people in order for them to have a wise decision on who to vote for in the elections coming. A wise voter should have much knowledge of the candidate he wishes to vote, and he can have this knowledge and impression from the Presidential debates held. The Presidents term is a good four years and voters should have the best choice on the candidate to vote for, to lead them on the next four years to come.

During Presidential debates, the candidate who shows more charm and wit and win the hearts of listeners can be perceived as the winner of that debate. This can be a factor on getting the swing vote, but many people also place a factor on many previous speeches made by the candidates. These previous pronouncements can also be basis for their decisions. However, Presidential debates are still heavy factors, and can help decide on the people’s choice on who to vote for.


It’s really hard to tell who will win in a presidential debate because there are so many instances that need to be considered. You will often notice that all candidates seem to be good and they can certainly do a good job. On the other hand, the media can always and easily proclaim their winner. However, this media proclamation can always be refuted by both the candidates and public opinion. If you will watch a presidential debate, it is much better if you don’t have biases for you to be able to apply your own personal view and can easily decide who will win after exchanges with their words of wisdom.

Often times, a presidential debate is scored using a point system. The debate’s subject is divided into many sections or issues faced by the country today. All presidential candidates will have the chance to express their personal view and understanding as well as their discretion of the current economic status of the country. Moreover, the citizens will also have the chance to hear the views of all presidential candidates and how they will address all current issues of the country.

This is perhaps one of the best things you will obtain when viewing a presidential debate; all voters will certainly have a good idea about all presidential candidates. However, it is very wise if you will not rely on their speeches during their debate. It is not only a determinant of a good president if a candidate can deliver the speech fluently. After any debate, you need to make your own search for you to verify that the case being presented during the debate is true.

On the other hand, listening to an expert who knows how to analyze a debate is a smart choice for you to consider. However, if you want to make your own objective choice, you should never put your full trust over the media. Keep in mind that media biases do really exist. It is also a big help if you will read through the full text of all the debates in order for you to determine which candidate was much clearer to deliver his views during his turn to speak. Keep in mind that poor public speaking does not necessarily mean that a candidate will become a bad president and a good public speaking candidate will always show good leadership.

You need to always look out for the true essence of a presidential debate. It will help you measure the capabilities of a presidential candidate based on his thoughts shared with people. You will obtain a much clearer picture of that certain candidate if you read his full plans for the country.

Keep in mind always that your vote is very important for the future of your country. You really need to make a good choice. This is an opportunity for you to make a stand over what you believe is right for the country. Take this opportunity and challenge yourself about the importance of attending or rather viewing a presidential debate.

The various technologies that complement regular presidential debates have evolved since its first introduction in the year 1960. The popularity of mass media, radios and television, and the most popular social media online sites have allowed for much wider interactions as well as reactions from its viewers from different parts of the world. This is actually very important in promoting a substantial process in drawing back almost 50% of the total voters during the Election Day. With the accessibility of Twitter and Facebook, many individuals are allowed to share their thoughts, views, and comments during presidential debates. The record setting 10.3 million tweets being shared during the first American presidential debates is a factual proof that a lot of individuals are watching and paying attention during the debate. Moreover, a presidential debate is a very important process and it should never be disregarded because this will help a citizen in choosing the right leader and servant to a particular country.

Not surprisingly, many individuals are focusing on how to properly determine truths from lies which are being shared by the two opposing parties. And because human beings are considered as fallible fact-checkers, it will surely take some time in determining truths. In addition, the fact is truth will always prevail right after the said event. Keep in mind that no one will accept their faults. Thus, you need to be very smart and wise in determining the best presidential candidate who will uplift the current status of your country. Always remember that some good speakers do not always tell the truth.